Dedicated Servers

Our semi-managed servers have top of the line hardware and offer high performance.

Dedicated 1 - (Intel Core i7 7700K)

Quadcore CPU
4 Cores @ 4.2 Ghz
32 GB
2 x 256 GB
NVMe Storage
10 Gbps*

Dedicated 2 - (Intel Xeon E3 1230)

Quadcore CPU
4 Cores @ 3.2 Ghz
8 GB
1 x 500 GB
HDD Drive
10 Gbps*


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Why Choose HostCheaply?

Here's a few reason's why.

Root Access

Instant Root Access to your bare metal machine.

Fast Hardware

We only offer the latest hardware available to ensure speed is never a issue.

Game Ready

Powerful servers mean there not only good at enterprise tasks but hosting game servers too.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable pricing to ensure cost never hinders you or your business.

Instant OS installs

No waiting around with instant OS installs from our repository.

DDoS Protected

All our services are DDoS protected by default of which we are always improving.

24/7 Support

With support locations across the globe to ensure we're always there for you.

5-Minute Setup

Stop waiting around with our near instant 5 minute setup time.