Due to the new cPanel pricing, during August there will be some major infrastructure changes here at HostCheaply. Bare minimum the DNS (name servers) and/or assigned server IP addresses will be changed to ALL our offered hosting services.

Upon migrating your account to the new server, you will be assigned to use a new set of name servers (DNS) for your domains. We will assign a new set of “Name Servers (DNS)” to use for your domains.  (The current ns1-ns4.securedwebserver.net name servers cluster and its associated IP addresses will be discontinued). The new Name Servers will also have a new set of IP addresses assigned. Thus, you must also update any Private/Vanity name servers’ settings you may currently have set up for your domains.  All our server IP address will also be changed including any dedicated IPs currently assigned. If you are using a third-party name server then you have to update the appropriate existing “A” records and point it to our new server’s IP address.

We are aiming to complete all accounts and server migration October 9th after 11 PM Eastern Time to October 10th before 7 AM Eastern Time

We will provide our new nameservers as soon as we have them.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

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